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Innovative Unternehmensanwendungen mit In-Memory Data Management(IMDM 2011) P-193, 91-100 (2011).

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Real-Time Semantic Process Change Impact Analysis

Andreas Emrich , Dirk Werth and Peter Loos


Today's environment and business is constantly changing on a rapid pace. Models have to be adapted in order to fit the changing situations. In contrast, the complexity of enterprise models is a huge problem wrt the management of such complex models. High-performance computing technologies offer a great opportunity to leverage increased computational power to cope with that complexity. In this paper we will present an approach for determining the impact of process changes using a semantic context model for BPM that enables semantic querying on complex business process models. Based on this context models large ontologies such as Cyc and process repositories such as the MIT process handbook are queried in complex scenarios of our evaluation. In-memory databases such as Couch DB and Hadoop serve as technological basis for this evaluation. The paper concludes that such queries can be performed nearly in real-time.

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