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Sneak preview? instantly know what to expect in faceted video searching

Johannes Osterhoff , Joerg Waitelonis , Joscha Jäger and Harald Sack


This paper presents the Semantic Multimedia Explorer (SEMEX) a semantic search engine that supports exploratory video retrieval. SEMEX combines entities and content-based suggestions to support semantic search. The SEMEX interface provides facet filters, entity recommendations, a pagination and browsable search results; all of these elements are interconnected by instant “linking and brushing”. Hence SEMEX enables instantaneous visual feedback on how a selected search facet will affect the displayed result set. This unique feature facilitates a quicker and clearer search process compared to other systems that need to perform new search queries to achieve a similar result. By making the subsequent results available at fingertips, the SEMEX interface allows users to pursue related exploratory search strategies that lead to a genuinely responsive and quick browsing experience.

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