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Multimodal visualizations for pre-operative neurosurgical planning

Diana Röttger , Sandy Engelhardt and Stefan Müller


In the living brain, vital structures include cortical areas as well as neuronal pathways connecting these. If pathologies, for example a tumor are present and derogate essential functionalities, neurosurgical treatment is needed. Neurosurgeries are tailored to the patient-specific anatomy and pathology: Within an individual preoperative planning phase the most adequate access path to a lesion is defined. This is mandatory with respect to deep-seated structures or lesions close to essential white matter tracts, such as the corticospinal tract or related functional activation zones. It is crucial to minimize the damage of structures at risk during surgery. The presented work foucuses on developing visualizations for neurosurgical planning and thereby supporting the surgeon in answering primary clinical questions such as: What is the relation between the lesion, functional areas and white matter tracts? and How can the lesion be accessed most safely? Therefore, the following challenges are considered in the presented work: Visualization of multimodal data, identification of risk-structures, path-specific visualizations as well as path evaluation.

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