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BIOSIG 2011 Proceedings - international conference of the biometrics special interest group P-191, 45-56 (2011).

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Gait recognition for children over a longer period

Mohammad Omar Derawi , Hewa Balisane , Patrick Bours , Waqar Ahmed and Peter Twigg


In this paper a comparative investigation into the effects of time on gait recognition in children's walking has been carried out. Gait recognition has attracted considerable interest recently; however very little work has been reported in the literature which is related to gait recognition in children. It has been suggested ([Kyr02])that the gait of children does not stabilize before they are 11 years old. In this papers we will provide arguments that support this suggestion. When looking at the performance of gait recognition, which serves as an indicator for the stability of gait, we found a relationship between performance improvement and aging of children. The gait of a group of children was measured twice with a 6 months period between the two measurements. Our analysis showed that the similarity between these two measurements is significantly lower than the similarity within each of the measurements. Finally we also report the effect of gender on performance of gait recognition.

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