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Enterprise modelling and information systems architectures (EMISA 2011) P-190, 107-120 (2011).

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Towards process-oriented information logistics: why quality dimensions of process information matter

Bernd Michelberger , Bela Mutschler and Manfred Reichert


An increasing data overload makes it difficult to deliver needed information to knowledge-workers and decision-makers in process-oriented enterprises. The main problem is to identify information being relevant for process participants and their activities. To cope with this challenge, enterprises crave for an intelligent and processoriented information logistics. The major challenge is to provide the right process information in the right format and level of granularity at the right place and accurate point in time to the right actors. When realizing such process-oriented information logistics it becomes crucial to take into account quality dimensions of process information (e.g., completeness, topicality, punctuality). Reason is that these dimensions determine process information quality and thus also the overall relevance of process information for a particular process participant and his activities. This paper picks up this issue and analyzes different quality dimensions of process information and their impact on process-oriented information logistics.

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