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Informatik bewegt: Informatik 2002 - 32. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.v. (GI), 30. September - 3.Oktober 2002 in Dortmund. P-19, 793-798 (2002).

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Sigrid E. Schubert (ed.), Bernd Reusch (ed.), Norbert Jesse (ed.)

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Robust preprocessing of time series with trends

Roland Fried and Ursula Gather


Physiological time series measured in intensive care exhibit trends, level changes and periods of relative constancy. This signal is overlaid with a high level of noise and many measurement artifacts, and there are dependencies between the different items measured. We develop a method which allows a reliable denoising of the data and which can separate artifacts from relevant changes in the patients condition. For clinical online application the method has to be automatized and work in real time.

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