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Informatik bewegt: Informatik 2002 - 32. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.v. (GI), 30. September - 3.Oktober 2002 in Dortmund. P-19, 114-119 (2002).

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Sigrid E. Schubert (ed.), Bernd Reusch (ed.), Norbert Jesse (ed.)

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Enriching access control to support credential-based specifications

Pierangela Samarati


Accessing information over the Internet has become an essential requirement in modern economy, and unknown parties can come together on the Net and interact for the purpose of acquiring or offering services. The open and dynamic nature of such scenario requires the development of new ways of enforcing access control. A promising direction is represented by the use of digital certificates, or credentials. To this purpose, new credential-based access control languages, models, and mechanisms need to be investigated.

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