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11^{th} international conference on innovative internet community services (I^{2}CS 2011) P-186, 93-104 (2011).

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Spree - trial-based improvements: transferring an enterprise 2.0 into a web 2

Andreas Rederer , Gerald Eichler , Thomas Kury and Roland Schwaiger


The Innovation Development of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories has developed a web portal for enterprise expert communities. It combines expert matching and communication functions to initiate and support domain specific online discussions. This paper describes the move from basic features of this corporate portal to a Web 2.0 instance using the results of a field trial and a usability evaluation. Following a new short term scope and integrating an innovative location mashup, the web portal was overhauled in a completely new design. The achievements also lead into comprising an architectural review and operational experiences. The conclusion contains an outlook regarding both, new innovative features and system architecture.

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