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11^{th} international conference on innovative internet community services (I^{2}CS 2011) P-186, 70-81 (2011).

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On using a distributed approach for help in medical diagnosis with wireless sensor networks

Nathalie Dessart , Hacène Fouchal , Philippe Hunel and Nicolas Vidot


In this paper, we focus on providing new tools to help doctors in their diagnosis. We study the feasibility of using a distributed approach over Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). We define a Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) as a set of wireless sensors which equipped a patient. Each sensor senses a health parameter, for example, temperature or heart pulse. Our aim is to understand how a distributed approach can be a fair alternative to the common centralized paradigm. We study a distributed approach based on the token paradigm. Then, we compare this approach to the centralized one, throw simulations and experimentations over real sensors.

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