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Software Engineering 2011 - Workshopband P-184, 79-88 (2011).

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A seamless model-based development process for automotive systems

Jörg Holtmann , Jan Meyer and Matthias Meyer


Safety critical functions for embedded systems are increasingly realized with software. Current and future standards and maturity models impose high accuracy and quality for the development process of such software-intensive, embedded systems. But nowadays, there are process and tooling gaps between different modeling aspects for the system under development (SUD). Furthermore, the SUD is usually verified and validated not until it is completely implemented, which leads to expensive corrections. In this paper we present a seamless, model-based development process, which is intended for the automotive supplier domain and conforms to the process reference model of Automotive SPICE R 1. The development process addresses the issues mentioned above by using systematic transitions between different modeling aspects and simulations in early development stages.

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