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Software Engineering 2011 - Workshopband P-184, 225-232 (2011).

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A service-oriented architecture for emergency management systems

Stephan Braune , Achim D. Brucker , Gerald Kleser , Keqin Li , Theo Dirk Meijler , Heiko Paulheim and And Florian Probst


The complexity and openness of today's modern societies result in the threat of serious cascading effects when natural disasters or terrorist attacks strike. Thus, there is a high demand for state of the art IT support in the field of emergency management systems. In this paper, we identify the core requirements of future emergency management systems and present a new generation of modular, service-oriented and semantic-webbased architecture for emergency management systems. Our emergency management system offers innovative functionality in the context of distributed information sources, collaborative work environments, and consistent situation pictures.

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