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6th conference on professional knowledge management from knowledge to action P-182, 254-261 (2011).

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A proposal for a new framework for a great place to work: A cognitive- collective view on knowledge work motivation

Ingo Bildstein and Stefan Güldenberg


Management in the industrial economy focused on increasing the productivity of single manual workers, because it was easy to determine individual contributions to tangible outputs. Hence carrot-and-stick motivational schemes did a good job in spurring individual work effort. Nowadays however, that motivational approach is outdated and counterproductive, due to the intangibility of knowledge work inand output. Fostering of non-reward-contingent voluntary efforts to deliver outstanding results is therefore decisive for making management of knowledge a success in these days. At the same time group processes must be considered, due to the growing importance of expert teams for complex problem solving. Most importantly, becoming an attractive organization for experts is an important toehold to gain sustainable competitive advantage, since it allows for attracting and retaining the 21st century`s most valuable asset. The paper at hand therefore takes a cognitive-collective view on knowledge work motivation, by showing how a beneficial perception of peers and superiors together with a culture conductive to collaboration overcome the Tayloristic relict, meaning focusing in productivity enhancement initiatives on experts as isolated individuals.

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