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6th conference on professional knowledge management from knowledge to action P-182, 23-32 (2011).

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Influence factors for sharing open science and open educational resources through social networking services

Hendrik Kalb , Henri Pirkkalainen , Jan Pawlowski and Eric Schoop


In a knowledge society it is crucial to serve the need for accurate and up-todate knowledge produced by scientists. The possibilities of electronic communication through the use of social software provides means for open discourse and offers easier ways to make scientific and educational resources available that can be used in knowledge management and e-learning. Within this paper, we describe how researchers share knowledge in the form of artefacts. These artefacts consist of open science and open educational resources. The focus will be on understanding the influence factors for sharing these artefacts with social networking services. Through the research, an improved understanding of the decision making and sharing habits of a researcher will be obtained for the use of social software for globally distributed and open scientific communication.

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