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6th conference on professional knowledge management from knowledge to action P-182, 115-122 (2011).

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CR2S: competency roadmap to strategy

Valerio Bellandi , Paolo Ceravolo , Ernesto Damiani and Fulvio Frati


It is well acknowledged that Human Resources are one of the most important assets of a company; as a consequence, Competency Management became a well established approach for organizing workforce recruitment, training and development. At the same time, Competency Management is more and more moving towards a tight integration with business and knowledge management frameworks, having a crucial role in business process re-engineering, giving to competencies a central role to achieve higher performance variance, determine better return-on-investment or economic value of competency initiatives, implementing deep organizational transformation, and change market and organizational strategies. Our approach, taking inspiration from Technology Roadmaps, proposes the Competency Roadmap to Strategy, an integrated model for organizing the competency bouquet of a company in coordination with strategic desing of business activities.

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