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6th conference on professional knowledge management from knowledge to action P-182, 287-294 (2011).

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Process driven competence management: A case study at hilti corporation

Sandra Hintringer and Martin Nemetz


In light of the focus on competence in Hilti's Champion 3C strategy (customer, competence and concentration) 1 and their lived process organization the following paper proposes a modeling method for a process driven competence management (PCM) approach that combines a process and a person-centered view on competences. Processes provide the context in which competences are identified, managed, evaluated and further developed. In the person-centered view identified competences are further defined and associated to job profiles and periodically assessed based on Hilti's Situational Leadership $\textregistered $model. Assessment results are linked to training and coaching initiatives to ensure that competence targets are met adequately and in consequence lead to better process performance The implemented PCM prototype on ADOxx $\textregistered $is based on the application scenario for the customer service center at Hilti.

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