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6th conference on professional knowledge management from knowledge to action P-182, 149-160 (2011).

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Evolution of intelligent quality management process based on using performance quality indicators

Fazel Ansari-Ch. , Madjid Fathi and Ulrich Seidenberg


Today inadequate use of knowledge, experiences and human creativities is caused to a know-do gap in quality and performance management. In this sense enterprises are not able to sustain long-term organizational advantages, continuously improve the quality of performance and fulfill customer satisfaction. What can be done with Knowledge Management (KM) to overcome this challenge? KM is integrating various components on the organizational framework to empower an enterprise to develop customer-oriented approaches and to convert knowledge into added values and profits in long-term. In addition; this, in connection with innovations and culture-oriented approaches, results in enhancement of product lifecycle. In this paper, based on former efforts [An09a, An09b], a renewed process model for this integration approach is introduced entitled as Intelligent Quality Management Process (IQMP). IQMP utilizes performance quality indicators to evaluate the success of knowledge intensive business process. These indicators are defined either based on Key-Performance- Indicators (KPIs), Quality Indicators (QIs) or by adopting of experts/technical staff's objectives which is carried out within structured surveys or observations inside an enterprise. This paper addresses the concept and theoretical background of IQMP as the work-in-progress, and presents the first level results realized by implementation of a prototype of Management Cockpit.

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