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Hisim: A highly extensible large-scale P2P network simulator

Lukas Rupprecht , Jessica Smejkal , Angelika Reiser and Alfons Kemper (Technische Universität München)


The popularity of Peer-to-Peer networks is increasing rapidly but developing new protocols for P2P systems is a very complex task as testing and evaluating distributed systems involves high effort. P2P simulators are being developed to tackle this difficulty, to reduce cost and to speed up development. We describe HiSim, a modular and highly scalable P2P network simulator based on the simulation framework PeerSim which we use to simulate HiSbase, a P2P framework for efficient processing of multidimensional data. Because of its modular design, HiSim can easily be extended, e.g., to fit other application domains. Basic design problems, related to query processing, are introduced in general and concretely solved within HiSim. Ad- ditionally, HiSim provides mechanisms to evaluate new protocols using an integrated statistics component. We demonstrate the high scalability by performing simulations of up to 2 104 $107 \cdot $peers and $2 \cdot $queries.

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