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INFORMATIK 2010. Service Science - Neue Perspektiven für die Informatik. Band 2 P-176, 85-90 (2010).

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Commonsense ontologies and the use of words in natural language

Ruth Janning


Since the appearance of the `Semantic Web' and the development of `RDF' and 'OWL', ontologies gained new importance in computer science. Ontological structures can be used to make knowledge available to artificial intelligent systems. But such systems need commonsense knowledge to simulate human reasoning beyond the boundaries given by specific domains. For this purpose commonsense ontologies are employed. However, existing commonsense ontologies, e.g. Cyc [Cy10], were constructed over a lengthy period of time. An interesting proposal to reach this in shorter time with less effort is to expose the structure of commonsense knowledge by analyzing the use of words in natural language. Based on this, a method to automatically gain commonsense ontologies with less effort will be presented. The main point of this method is the automatization. For this purpose data mining techniques are applied and an algorithm to generate the resulting ontology out of the gained data is introduced.

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