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A test-oriented HMI specification model for model-based testing of automotive human-machine interfaces

Linshu Duan , Heinrich Hussmann and Alexander Höfer


While model-based testing is widely-used for function tests, testing the human-machine interface (HMI) remains a manual, demanding and time consuming task. Numerous research efforts have been addressing model-based HMI testing in the last years. However the existing approaches cannot serve our test purposes or needs. In the research project at AUDI AG a model-based testing approach is proposed for testing both the logical behavior and the graphical interface of automotive infotainment HMIs. In this paper we focus on menu behavior tests and introduce some important details of the test-oriented specification model. A test-oriented HMI specification model describes the expected menu behavior and contains needed information for the test generation. Methods of test generation and execution will be introduced briefly.

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