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INFORMATIK 2010. Service Science - Neue Perspektiven für die Informatik. Band 2 P-176, 660-672 (2010).

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Erik Bachmann


Companies in the automotive and high-tech sectors are required by EU legislation such as REACh, ELV, RoHS, and WEEE to provide product-related compliance information. This product data relates to regulated substances used in products. As the level of outsourced production and development of assemblies and individual parts rises, it becomes increasingly necessary to involve suppliers in providing compliance data. The challenge then is to find a declaration model which provides maximum information on substances with only a minimum of queries to the supplier. To secure comprehensive support for compliance management processes TechniData and SAP have developed the SAP REACh Compliance Solution based on the SAP NetWeaver technology. This underpins companies' internal processes and collaborative processes with customers and suppliers.

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