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INFORMATIK 2010. Service Science - Neue Perspektiven für die Informatik. Band 1 P-175, 491-496 (2010).

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A service marketplace consumption platform for extensible enterprise systems in an Internet of services

Matthias Allgaier and Markus Heller


As services become tradable in an Internet of Services, the simplified consumption of services becomes a major requirement, especially when integrating services into standard enterprise systems. A key challenge for enterprise system providers is to deliver standard business applications with a rich functional spectrum. At the same time, dedicated flexibility and extensibility features need to be provided that allow the enterprise system owner to enrich the core system with complementary services, especially at a later stage in the software-lifecycle after shipment. In this paper, the architecture of a Service Marketplace Consumption Platform is introduced that opens up extensible enterprise systems in order to consume complementary (extension) services from service marketplaces.

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