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EMISA 2010 Einflussfaktoren auf die Entwicklung flexibler, integrierter Informationssysteme. Beiträge des Workshops der GI-Fachgruppe EMISA (Entwicklungsmethoden für Informationssysteme und deren Anwendung) P-172, 25-36 (2010).

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On separation of concurrency and conflicts in acyclic process models

Felix Elliger , Artem Polyvyanyy and Mathias Weske


Recently, a new approach for structuring acyclic process models has been introduced. The algorithm is based on a transformation between the Refined Process Structure Tree (RPST) of a control flow graph and the Modular Decomposition Tree (MDT) of ordering relations. In this paper, an extension of the algorithm is presented that allows to partially structure process models in the case when a process model cannot be structured completely. We distinguish four different types of unstructuredness of process models and show that only two are possible in practice. For one of these two types of unstructuredness an algorithm is proposed that returns the maximally structured representation of a process model.

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