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Modellierung betrieblicher Informationssysteme (MobIS 2010) Modellgestütztes Management P-171, 99-110 (2010).

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An ontology-driven approach to support semantic verification in business process modeling

Michael Fellmann , Frank Hogrebe , Oliver Thomas and Markus Nüttgens


This paper presents an ontology-driven approach that aims at supporting semantic verification of semi-formal process models. Despite the widespread use of these models in research and practice, the verification of process model information is still a challenging issue. We suggest an ontology-driven approach making use of background knowledge encoded in formal ontologies and rules. In the first step, we develop a model for ontology-based representation of process models. In the second step, we use this model in conjunction with rules and machine reasoning for process model verification. We apply our approach using real-life administrative process models taken from a capital city.

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