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4th international conference on electronic voting 2010 P-167, 179-190 (2010).

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Sigma ballots

Stefan Popoveniuc and Andrew Regenscheid


We present Sigma ballots, a new type of ballot designed to be used in secure elections. Sigma ballots use the random order of candidates introduced by Prêt à Voter, combined with the confirmation codes of Scantegrity II. These ballots can be produced by a DRE machine with a slightly modified VVPAT, or can be similar to optical scan ballots. Sigma ballots work in conjunction with existing publicly verifiable tallying schemes to allow for end-to-end verifiability. The advantages of Sigma ballots include an easy check for correct printing, the possibility of keeping a fixed order of candidates when selections are made, automated creation of receipts, no extra marks added to the ballot after it is cast, the ability to be hand counted, and voters only needing to know a valid confirmation code to file a complaint.

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