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10th International Conferenceon Innovative Internet Community Systems (I2CS) - Jubilee Edition 2010 - P-165, 53-62 (2010).

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Adaptation process for ad hoc routing protocol

Cholatip Yawut , Béatrice Paillassa and Riadh Dhaou


Because of several constraints in ad hoc networks, an adaptive ad hoc routing protocol is increasingly required. In this paper, we propose a synopsis of an adaptation process for an adaptive ad hoc routing protocol. Next, we put into practice the analysis of the process of adaptation to mobility by realizing an adaptive routing protocol: CSR (Cluster Source Routing) which is an extension of a widely used ad hoc routing protocol: DSR (Dynamic source Routing). Mobility and density metrics are considered to CSR<->DSR mode switching, it moves from a flat architecture working in DSR to a virtual hierarchical architecture. With this mode switching, CSR can enhance the scalability of the DSR routing protocol.

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