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BIOSIG 2010: biometrics and electronic signatures Proceedings of the special interest group on biometrics and electronic signatures P-164, 127-132 (2010).

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Activity related biometrics based on motion trajectories

Anastasios Drosou , Konstantinos Moustakas , Dimos Ioannidis and Dimitrios Tzovaras


The current paper contributes to the concept of activity-related biometric authentication in ambient Intelligence environments. The motivation behind the proposed approach derives from activity-related biometrics and is mainly focusing on everyday activities. The activity sequence is captured by a stereoscopic camera and the resulting 2.5D data are processed to extract valuable unobtrusive activity-related features. The novel contribution of the current work lies in the warping of the extracted movements trajectories, so as to compensate for different environmental settings. Au- thentication is performed utilizing both HMM and GMMs. The authentication results performed on a database with 32 subjects show that the current work outperforms existing approaches especially in the case of non-interaction restricting scenarios.

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