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BIOSIG 2010: biometrics and electronic signatures Proceedings of the special interest group on biometrics and electronic signatures P-164, 121-126 (2010).

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Towards best practices for biometric visa enrolment

Fares Rahmun and Sibylle Hick


Public sector applications - e.g. the process of application of a biometric visa - are connected to different kinds of technical, organisational, and legal requirements. But how can those requirements and recommendations be retrieved, analysed and described? The German federal government has taken part in the European pilot project BioDEV II in order to gain comprehensive experiences regarding the handling and processing of biometric visa. Furthermore, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) publishes technical guidelines that address different topics in information security. In this context, the Technical Guideline Biometrics for Public Sector (TR Biometrics) has been published in order to describe technical and organisational requirements and recommendations in the context of biometrics for electronic identity documents. In this paper the authors give an overview of the pilot project BioDEV II and show how the results have been introduced in the TR Biometrics.

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