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BIOSIG 2010: biometrics and electronic signatures Proceedings of the special interest group on biometrics and electronic signatures P-164, 57-72 (2010).

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Performance of the fuzzy vault for multiple fingerprints

Johannes Merkle , Matthias Niesing , Michael Schwaiger , Heinrich Ihmor and Ulrike Korte


The fuzzy vault is an error tolerant authentication method that ensures the privacy of the stored reference data. Several publications have proposed the application of the fuzzy vault to fingerprints, but the results of subsequent analyses indicate that a single finger does not contain sufficient information for a secure implementation. In this contribution, we present an implementation of a fuzzy vault based on minutiae information in several fingerprints aiming at a security level comparable to current cryptographic applications. We analyze and empirically evaluate the security, efficiency, and robustness of the construction and several optimizations. The results allow an assessment of the capacity of the scheme and an appropriate selection of parameters.

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