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Software Engineering 2010 -Workshopband (inkl. Doktorandensymposium) P-160, 193-200 (2010).

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Security, fault tolerance and modeling of gridworkflows in bpel4grid

Ernst Juhnke , Tim Dörnemann , Roland Schwarzkopf and Bernd Freisleben


BPEL is the de facto standard for business process modeling in today's enterprises and is a promising candidate for the integration of business and scientific applications that run in Grid or Cloud environments. In this paper, selected components of BPEL4Grid, a scientific workflow system for developing service-oriented Grid applications based on BPEL, are presented. The focus of the paper is on security aspects of workflow composition and fault tolerance mechanisms for long-running workflows. Furthermore, two workflow modeling tools targeted at users with different levels of knowledge about BPEL are briefly described.

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