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Mobile and Collaborative Business 2002, Proceedings zur Teilkonferenz der Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik 2002, 10. September 2002, Nürnberg. P-16, 7-17 (2002).

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J. Felix Hampe (ed.), Gerhard Schwabe (ed.)

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Mobile communities - extending online communities into the real world

Christian Hillebrand , Georg Groh and Michael Koch


Communities offer a context for people to meet, communicate and collaborate. Tools to support communities usually provide a communication medium and functionalities to find communication partners. Thereby, they strengthen existing communities or enable completely new (virtual) communities. In this paper we briefly present some ideas towards the extension of community support to mobile environments from the ongoing project COSMOS1. The objectives of COSMOS are the development of new technologies and concepts for this support. We discuss ideas for mobile community support services, focus on a community centric view of positioning services, and lay out a plan for future work.

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