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INFORMATIK 2009 - Im Focus das Leben P-154, 3364-3377 (2008).

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Stefan Fischer, Erik Maehle, Rüdiger Reischuk (eds.)

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Towards an integrated product and process modelling: oepc markup language (oEPML) for object-oriented event-driven process chains (oEPC)

Frank Hogrebe , Markus Nüttgens , Heiko Kern and Stefan Kühne


The responsibilities for products and processes are usually split between the organisational, IT or financial divisions. Connections and interdependencies are consequently often only insufficiently recognised. Integrated product and process models (IPP) are a highly promising approach to counter these deficits. Based on an IPP framework, we describe a modelling approach that aims at an Integrated Product and Process Model for the public administration on the basis of object-oriented Event-driven Process Chains (oEPC) and UML class diagrams. We demonstrate the approach on the business case "business registration" and describe a prototypical implementation based on the modelling tool bflow* Toolbox.

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