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POWEA: A system for automated network protocol parameter optimisation using evolutionary algorithms

Martin Hoffmann , Sven Tomforde , Yvonne Bernard , Lukas Klejnowski and Jörg Hähner


The design of network protocols usually consists of two consecutive phases: after the design of a formally correct protocol (e.g. in form of a state machine), several protocol parameters need to be configured. These parameters are used to keep the network protocol flexible for various environments and applications. These environmental changes to be covered by the protocol controller (e.g. designed for MANETs) are e.g. the number of nodes in the network, their movement speed and the node density. Different applications might pose different timing requirements that are controlled by protocol parameters. This paper introduces POWEA, a system that is intended to be used by network protocol engineers in order to adjust the protocol by using a declarative model. POWEA is able to optimise different kinds of protocols and helps to adjust protocols to new requirements. In this paper we present the overall system, the workflow that needs to be carried out and results for the optimisation of three exemplary protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks.

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