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INFORMATIK 2009 - Im Focus das Leben P-154, 3162-3176 (2008).

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Stefan Fischer, Erik Maehle, Rüdiger Reischuk (eds.)

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The BOEMIE semantic browser: A semantic application exploiting rich semantic metadata

Atila Kaya , Sofia Espinosa Peraldi and Ralf Möller


Recent advances in the standardization of knowledge representation languages to realize the Semantic Web as well as advances in natural language processing techniques have resulted in increased commercial efforts to create so called annotation services which aim to annotate web content with metadata. Description Logics-based metadata are symbolic descriptions of some content, e.g., web content, with semantics defined through so called ontologies. Ontologies play a central role for the definition of semantics in the context of the Semantic Web. Currently, annotation services can be exploited to build content-driven applications. However for such applications to offer more valuable functionality, current annotation services should provide for richer metadata. Rich metadata describe a deeper and more abstract level of information through complex relational structures. In this paper we describe use cases that require richer metadata than currently provided by annotation services and describe a contentdriven application that implements them. The use cases focus on geography-aware multimedia navigation, content activation and retrieval of semantically related multimedia. Furthermore a declarative process to extract richer metadata is introduced.

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