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Using Semantic UI Descriptions for Adaptive Mobile Games

Pascal Bihler , Holger Mügge , Mark Schmatz and Armin Cremers


In recent years, mobile devices became more and more powerful, wireless Internet access is becoming standard. To support mobile applications adapting their User Interface to various, fast changing contexts, we proposed to use semantically described User Interfaces [BFKJ08]. In that paper, as well as in related research works, mainly form-based applications, as used for office software, have been in focus. Nevertheless, the idea of semantical UI description also comes at hand when focusing on non-form based applications like location based games, since context switches can be numerous and spontaneous here. As we show in this paper, especially when used in the context of service based reconfigurable mobile games, the fusion of semantically described interfaces can simplify the generation of complex adaptable user interfaces.

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