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Stefan Fischer, Erik Maehle, Rüdiger Reischuk (eds.)

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Constraint Functional Multicore Programming

Petra Hofstedt and Florian Lorenzen


In this paper we present the concurrent constraint functional programming language CCFL and an abstract machine for the evaluation of CCFL programs in a multicore environment. The source language CCFL is a simple lazy functional language with a polymorphic type system augmented by ask-/tell-constraints and conjunctions to express concurrent coordination patterns. As execution model for CCFL we propose the abstract machine ATAF. ATAF implements a G-machine to evaluate functional expressions and provides facilities to run multiple cooperating processes on a fixed set of CPUs. Processes communicate via a shared constraint store realizing residuation semantics and committed choice. We show a few scaling results for parallel programs obtained with a prototypical implementation of ATAF on a quadcore machine.

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