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Introducing community single sign-on for EDIT

Lutz Suhrbier


The European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) platform, as well as biodiversity providers in general, provides a multitude of web-based taxonomic applications and services. Also, the diversity of service providers reflects the highly distributed, cross-national organisational infrastructure of taxonomic institutions and collections. This results in a problem of identity management. While the provider's system administrators have to register users and maintain individual access control lists for each offered service, users have to remember a variety of login/password combinations to use all these different services. Therefore, EDIT promotes a Community Single Sign-On (CSSO) security infrastructure, which protects and provides access to all EDIT platform components based on a single identity per user. That way, users need to remember only one login/password combination to use EDIT's platform facilities. And, service providers can proceed to protect their resources and services by defining individual access control policies, but at considerably reduced administrative costs. These fundamental enhancements can be achieved through the introduction of a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) based (Shibboleth) single sign-on framework, adapted to the requirements of the EDIT platform. Since, information infrastructures within EDIT are quite similar to those in the general biodiversity community, our approach shall motivate other providers to follow. Therefore, this document provides a first-hand report initiating single sign-on for EDIT.

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