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Web 2.0 artifacts in SME-networks - A qualitative approach towards an integrative conceptualization considering organizational and technical perspectives

Nadine Blinn , Nadine Lindermann , Katrin Fäcks and Markus Nüttgens


Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) face new challenges in a complex and dynamic competitive environment. According to this, SMEs need to cooperate due to their restricted resources and limited capacities. At this, Enterprise 2.0 is seen as a supporting approach. As there is a lack of academic publications concerning recommendations for the application of Web 2.0 artifacts in SME-networks, we aim at bridging this gap with the following paper by suggesting a conceptual base following the design science approach. Based on technical and organizational requirements resulting from interviews with representatives of SMEs participating in a regional SME-network, we transfer technical and organizational requirements in a prototypic concept. This developed concept provides a basis for a field test to evaluate the concept and for further research.

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