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Mobile Computing in Medicine, Second Conference on Mobile Computing in Medicine, Workshop of the Project Group MoCoMed, GMDS-Fachbereich Medizinische Informatik & GI-Fachausschuss 4.7, 11.4.2002, Heidelberg. P-15, 35-44 (2002).

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Hans-Bernd Bludau (ed.), Andreas Koop (ed.)

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7 years of experience using personal digital assistants (PDA) for psychometric diagnostics in 6000 inpatients and polyclinic patients

Mathias Rose , Otto B. Walter , Herbert Fliege , H. Becker , Volkmar Hess and Burghasa F. Klapp


In clinical psychosomatics there is a need for adequate documentation of psychometric data both within the framework of individual diagnostics and in carespecific quality assurance. The data collection method should meet current psychometric standards, while at the same time allowing a fast and economical evaluation. In contrast to conventional methods using paper and pencil, computer-assisted testing offers considerable advantages in both regards. Using data collected from 6434 patients between the years of 1995 and 2002, we investigated what effects the complete conversion of a psychometric basis assessment to a mobile, computer-assisted method had in terms of acceptance, data structure, and economy. We implemented the following questionnaires, among others: the Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression (CES-D) Scale, the Giessen Complaint Inventory (Giessener Beschwerdebogen GBB), the Berlin Mood Questionnaire (Berliner Stimmungsfragebogen BSF), the State-Trait-Anxiety Inventory (STAI), the Short-Form 36 (SF-36), the WHOQOL-Bref, the Giessen Test (GTS), the Narcissism Inventory (NI), and parts of the Psychosomatic Basis Documentation (PsyBaDo). Based on our experience, we can conclude that 1. testing by means of mobile PDA's enjoys a high rate of acceptance among patients, 2. the organization of data is considerably improved, which guarantees an immediate evaluation for clinical and scientific lines of questioning, 3. no significant alterations result in terms of the psychometric characteristics of the questionnaire, and 4. mobile computerized testing is two-thirds cheaper than conventional testing using paper and pencil.

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