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MetaVoip - Sharing Contact Information over OrganizationalBoundaries

Frank Eyermann and Iris Hochstatter


Nowadays, many projects are carried out in a collaboration of people or groups from different institutions and/or enterprises. Such a virtual organization is characterized by high communication needs but does not operate in one single environment. MetaVoIP eases the communication as it automatically combines contact information from different PBXs and provides it to all partners. For a given virtual organization the MetaVoIP server is periodically retrieving contact information from the participating organizations via different data source drivers. The PBX connectors provide the telephony functionality independent of an organization's PBX, and the user GUI allows for easy user management as well as click-to-call. MetaVoIP has been implemented and tested; drivers exist for the Asterisk PBX and data input from LDAP and Asterisk configuration files.

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