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Innovative Internet Community Systems I2CS 2009 P-148, 85-96 (2009).

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The development of a personal mobile GIS

Ka-Ho Ng and Wallace Tang


In this paper, the development of a personal mobile Geographic Information System is described. The system is configured in a client-server architecture, involving mobile clients and a servicing server. With the use of Global Positioning System, the locations of a group of mobile clients are identified and these pieces of information are sent to server for additional services. For demonstration, the system is used as a real-time location tracking system. It not only provides the tracking of the users, but also serves as a monitoring system for issuing emergency call, whenever an abnormal scenerio is identified. These designs well illustrate how the mobile and Internet technologies can be used to enhance this kind of applications. The same framework has also been extended for fleet management to demonstrate its potential applications in logistics industry.

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