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Mobile und Ubiquitäre Informationssysteme -Entwicklung, Implementierung und Anwendung P-146, 39-52 (2008).

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Markus Bick, Martin Breunig, Hagen Höpfner (eds.)

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Exploring Transactional Service Properties for Mobile Service Composition

Katharina Hahn and Heinz F. Schweppe


Service oriented computing provides suitable means to technically support distributed collaboration of heterogeneous devices such as in mobile environments. However, wireless communication links are unstable. When supporting collaboration in such environments, failures have to be optimistically coped with in order to still provide suitable correctness guarantees and avoid inconsistent system states. In this paper, we explore transactional properties of services in order to reasonably integrate transactional coordination with composition of services in mobile networks and provide suitable correctness guarantees.

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