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Mobile und Ubiquitäre Informationssysteme -Entwicklung, Implementierung und Anwendung P-146, 11-24 (2008).

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Markus Bick, Martin Breunig, Hagen Höpfner (eds.)

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Leader election modes of the service distribution protocol for mobile ad hoc networks

Mohamed Hamdy and Birgitta König-Ries


Ad hoc networks are characterized by high dynamics in particular with respect to the formation of network partitions. This behavior makes it difficult to (s)elect a suitable leader for a given network partition at any given time. However, such leaders or representatives are needed by many protocols for ad hoc networks. In this paper, we will illustrate the leader election process and its influence on protocol performance using the example of the service distribution protocol. Effects of different modes of leader (s)election on the replica placement (allocation) process are investigated as well as the general service availability and success ratio of the protocol.

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