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WM2009: 5th Conference on Professional Knowledge Management P-145, 270-279 (2009).

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Towards ontology-based information extraction and annotation of paper documents for personalized knowledge acquisition

Benjamin Adrian , Heiko Maus , Malte Kiesel and Andreas Dengel


Despite the advent of electronic personal information management (PIM) tools, knowledge workers are still heavily using paper-based information sources. But up to now, even in sophisticated tools for PIM such as the Semantic Desktop, the knowledge workers' paper world is still neglected. Thus, electronic archiving of a web page for later reference is much easier than taking care of an interesting article in a magazine-whose copy might set dust on the user's shelf and will long be forgotten when it would be helpful for a specific task. This paper presents how to use document analysis, ontology-based information extraction, and annotation techniques for personal knowledge acquisition in order to bridge the gap between the user's paper world and his personal knowledge space in the Semantic Desktop. A recent prototype shows the feasibility of the approach.

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