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WM2009: 5th Conference on Professional Knowledge Management P-145, 52-62 (2009).

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Applying context metadata in ambient knowledge and learning environments - A process-oriented perspective

Markus Bick and Jan M. Pawlowski


Ambient systems sense their environment. Doing this, a lot of context related data is gathered and provided to other application systems. This data could be used to support and tailor knowledge and learning processes directly to the individual's context. Unfortunately, the concept of context is very broad and reaches beyond typical factors like location or time. With regard to integrated business, knowledge and learning processes additional context drivers must to be taken into account, e.g., the current business process determines the context in particular. In this paper we analyse various scenarios in three surgery clinics identifying a set of domain-specific factors that directly lead to process-oriented context requirements needed by a user-centred Ambient Learning and Knowledge Environment.

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