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Stream-Based Web Service Invocation

St. Preißler , H. Voigt , D. Habich and W. Lehner


Service-oriented architectures (SOA) based on Web service technology play an increasingly important role in many different application areas. The current service invocation methodology suffers from performance problems and heavy resource consumption when services are used to process large amounts of data. A number of solutions to this problem have been proposed. Unfortunately, these modified invocation methodologies are applicable only to a limited number of business scenarios, because they do not provide all features of the traditional methodology. In this paper, we introduce a new service invocation methodology that allows large volume data processing and does not limit applicability. Our approach macerates the existing request-response paradigm and incorporates stream semantics into the Web service invocation methodology without reducing its features. We describe our stream-based service invocation and present evaluation results that show the advantages of our approach.

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