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Datenbanksysteme in Business, Technologie und Web (BTW) P-144, 87-106 (2009).

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Web-prospector - an automatic, site-wide wrapper induction approach for scientific deep-web databases

S. Mir , St. Staab and I. Rojas


Wrapper induction techniques traditionally focus on learning wrappers based on examples from one class of Web pages, i.e. from Web pages that are all similar in structure and content. Thereby, traditional wrapper induction targets the understanding of Web pages generated from a database using the same generation template as observed in the example set. Applying such techniques to Web sites generated from biological databases, however, we found that there is a need for wrapping of structurally diverse web pages from multiple classes making the problem more challenging. Furthermore, we observed that such scientific web sites do not just provide mere data, but they also tend to provide schema information in terms of data labels - giving further cues for solving the web site wrapping task. In this paper we present a novel approach to automatic information extraction from whole Web sites that considers the novel challenge and takes advantage of the additional clues commonly available in scientific deep Web databases. The solution consists of a sequence of steps: 1. classification of similar Web pages into classes, 2. discovery of these classes and 3. wrapper induction for each class. Our approach thus allows us to perform unsupervised information retrieval from across an entire Web site. We test our algorithm against three real-world biochemical deep Web sources and report our preliminary results, which are very promising.

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