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Software Engineering 2009 P-143, 51-62 (2009).

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P. Liggesmeyer, G. Engels, J. Münch, J. Dörr, N. Riegel (eds.)

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Embedding Behavioral Models into Object-Oriented Source Code

Moritz Balz , Michael Striewe and Michael Goedicke


In this paper we address the inevitable problem of aligning a software model with its respective code in such a way that the synchronization between both views of the system can be effectively maintained. In traditional approaches to model-driven software development (MDSD) it is at least necessary to annotate the source code in order to mark its origin for round-trip engineering and to prevent it from being overridden when regenerating code from other models. Instead of just maintaining references to models, we suggest to embed full model semantics into source code. To realize this approach we modify the earlier concept of ViewPoints, so that the necessary configuration of ViewPoints happens inside the source code by using selected constructs of object-oriented programming languages. Our contribution presents the approach to maintain models and source code simultaneously by means of behavioral models.

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