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Software Engineering 2009 P-143, 39-50 (2009).

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P. Liggesmeyer, G. Engels, J. Münch, J. Dörr, N. Riegel (eds.)

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A comprehensive survey of UML compliance in current modelling tools

Holger Eichelberger , Yilmaz Eldogan and Klaus Schmid


The Unified Modeling Language (UML) specification is widely adopted in software engineering. When tools do not fully implement the UML specification, the user might be locked-in to a modeling tool, e.g. when exported models are not compatible among tools or tools implement different subsets of the UML. These compatibility problems also have significant impact on the effectiveness of model-driven development approaches. Compliance, as defined by the UML standard, is intended to characterize tools and to highlight such problems. In this paper we describe an approach to asses the UML compliance levels of modeling tools. Using UML definition of compliance, we could only identify 4 out of 68 tools as being acceptable.

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