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BIOSIG 2008: Biometrics and Electronic Signatures P-137, 175-188 (2008).

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Arslan Brömme (ed.), Christoph Busch (ed.), Detlef Hühnlein (ed.)

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3D measurement of human faces for biometric application by digital fringe projection with digital light projection (DLP)

Christian Benderoth , Jun Yan , Kavon Hooshiar , Rebecca L. Bell and Gottfried Frankowski


Facial recognition of people can be used for the identification of individuals, or can serve as verification e.g. for access controls. The process requires that the facial data is captured and then compared with stored reference data. In order to obtain better identification and verification performance and to avoid a number of security weaknesses, 3-dimensional facial recognition systems can be used, which outperform in both cases the 2-dimensional systems that are currently used. In this context, an optical 3D face scanning system with structured light projection based on DMD will be introduced, and the performance of the system will be analysed.

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