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BIOSIG 2008: Biometrics and Electronic Signatures P-137, 47-58 (2008).

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Arslan Brömme (ed.), Christoph Busch (ed.), Detlef Hühnlein (ed.)

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Performance evaluation of multibiometric face recognition systems

Margarida C. Neves , Samuel Chindaro , Ming Ng , Ziheng Zhou and Farzin Deravi


The 3D Face project investigates the use of 3D face recognition technologies, and aims to improve their performance so that it would be possible to use such technologies in unsupervised access control scenarios in airports. During this project novel sensors, 2D, 3D, skin texture matchers and fusion algorithms have been developed. A technology performance test has been performed on all algorithms, in order to evaluate the technology improvements. This paper describes the independent test and evaluation activities for this project and gives an overview of the results obtained.

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